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Effective English Vocabulary Building

Effective English Vocabulary Building

Effective English Vocabulary Building

Learn tips on how to effectively build your vocabulary! Nobody knows exactly how many words are in the English language. 

How many English words are there?

It is estimated that there are a million words in English. Did you know that a native English speaker users approximately 15,000 words? A graduate English speaker uses approximately 23,000 words.

You may not need to know this many, but it is important to learn enough English vocabulary to prepare you for academic life.

Academic English vocabulary

How you can learn new English words

Here's how you can prepare you effectively learn to understand and use new words in English:

  1. Recording new words - Buy a notebook. This book should be big enough to contain new words enough to fit into your pocket.
  2. Keep your book with you at all times. When you will see you're here, and you were you might like to learn and use. 
  3. Write the word in your vocabulary book and translated into your language

Use a notebook for English vocab learning

Ways to practice your new English vocabulary 

Once you have some words in your notebook, you can practice them in many ways:

  • Learning a new word is like making a friend
  • Ask it questions about what kind of word it is
  • You might like to find out what word class your friend is
  • Is it a verb is it a noun is an adjective?
  • Find out the synonym and antonym for the word
  • Put the word in a sentence
  • You could draw a picture of your new word
  • Think about your new words before you go to sleep 
  • Test yourself at the end of the week
  • You can introduce your new words to a friend
  • You could swap your vocabulary book with a friend
  • See how many words you can remember with a family member
  • Place new words around your house

Where to get English vocabulary information:

Here is some websites you could go to for further vocabulary practice: