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What is paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing is the use of ideas or opinions of another author in your writing to support your arguments. This must be written in your own words, but still have the same meaning.  You need to be extremely carefully not to use a similar sentence structure or the same vocabulary that the original author uses. It is not a quotation (see next blog ‘How to use quotations in writing,’ February 2019).

Why do we use it? Why is it important?

How to ace your listening assessment

In last week’s blog, we helped you prepare for your listening assessment. This week we’ve got tips to help you with your assessment on the day. Think of it as a little Christmas present from all of us at Study Success! 

Follow instructions

Read the written instructions on your test paper carefully and listen to all information provided by the examiner. If you are unable to hear the recording let a member of staff know immediately. 

Use the pre-listening time wisely

Listening strategies

Girl listening with headphones on

Top tips for preparing for a listening assessment

Listening is a challenge for many students and a common reason why some students don’t pass at the end of their course. Even though you may be surrounded by people you can listen to in Melbourne and have access to countless listening files on your phone, when preparing for a listening assessment it makes sense to have a strategy in place. So how can you improve your listening skills in preparation for assessments? Here are some ideas to inspire you to become an active and confident listener:

Prepping for your exams

You have studied hard and now it is time for your hard work to be assessed. Some students naturally excel at sitting exams but for most of us it can be nerve-wracking…
…but wait! Don’t jump on a plane back home because you’re feeling nervous! This is your time to shine and demonstrate all the hard work you have done. 
Here are our top ten recommendations to ensure you are properly prepped to minimise stress and maximise success at assessment time:
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