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Getting around Melbourne

Getting around Melbourne

How to travel around Melbourne when studying

Melbourne has an extensive network of public transport including trains, trams and buses. It’s also great for cyclists.

To travel on public transport, you need a Myki card. As an RMIT Training student, you do not qualify for concession travel. You must buy a full fare Myki, which can be purchased from premium train stations such as Flinders Street or Melbourne Central. Always make sure you have money on your Myki card, and that you tap on as you board. There are heavy penalties if you have the wrong card, or if you travel without tapping on. There are many places to top up your Myki, such as 7- eleven stores.

You can get more information about public transport here.

Cycling is a great way to get around. It’s fast, cheap, healthy and a great way to get to know the city. See our network of cycle tracks. 

It is compulsory to wear a helmet when you ride a bike, and there are penalties if you don’t (it’s also not safe).

There are other rules that you must obey when riding a bike.

A second-hand bike is all you’ll need and the best place to look for one (and lots of other things too!) is on Gumtree.