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Foundation Studies Demonstration Class

Foundation Studies RMIT Training Demonstration Class

Foundation Studies Demonstration Class

The RMIT University Foundation Studies program can help you prepare for university study and provide you with academic skills you will need to succeed at university. We invite you to sample a free 45-minute Foundation Studies class so you can see how remote learning works and how we can help you to achieve your study goals.

What is a free Foundation Studies Demonstration Class?

Our free Foundation Studies demonstration class is a 45-minute live session with an RMIT Foundation Studies educator. The teacher will guide you through what remote learning looks like and how easy it is to engage and communicate from anywhere in the world. The demonstration class is student-centred and features the Foundation Studies communicative approach to learning, along with opportunities for individualised feedback.

RMIT Foundation Studies Demonstration Classes

Who are these free demonstration classes for? 

Our free demonstration classes are for anyone who is thinking about Foundation Studies as a pathway program into RMIT University. We want you to experience what it is like to learn remotely and see how easy it is for you to begin your pathway to RMIT University.

RMIT Foundation Studies Demonstration Classes

When are the free demonstration classes? 

You are welcome to attend any Foundation Stream Demonstration class, however, please be aware you may benefit from attending more than one. This is because you may like to try different stream specialities. 

We have many upcoming sessions that focus on different Foundation Studies Streams. These streams are:

  • Business
  • English
  • Science, Engineering and health
  • Art, Design and Architecture

Contact us or your agent to discuss how RMIT Foundation Studies can help you achieve your study goals.

What do you get in a free Foundation Studies demonstration class?

  • Learn about RMIT and why you should study with us
  • Understand how the Foundation Studies program can help you achieve your study goals
  • Experience remote learning to better understand how it could work for you
  • Opportunity to talk to RMIT staff and educators and ask questions
  • Find out about support services, clubs, and activities available for students
  • Follow up email asking for your feedback

RMIT Foundation Studies Demonstration Classes

How do I sign up for the free Foundation Studies Demonstration Class? 

You can register below or contact RMIT Foundation Studies if you have any questions.