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Informit Upgrade Project

Project overview

What is the project about?

The Informit platform including the technology system is being upgraded. This will result in increased features and functionality.

Who is impacted?

All Informit stakeholders including subscribers, users, content providers, partners, suppliers and employees.

When is it happening?

The project commenced in 2018 and focused on understanding the benefits, limitations and pain points when using the platform. Feedback was captured through user focus groups with internal and external stakeholders. 2018 also saw a focus on governance for the project with the appointment of a dedicated project manager and establishment of a project steering committee. Q1 and 2 in 2019 has focused on the official tender process, vendor meetings and exploring the best options for building the new Informit.

What are the benefits?

Improved search results, no duplicate records, better linking between relevant resources, the ability to create new products/Collections quickly, efficiencies for royalties and invoice processing, the ability to accommodate more file formats, metadata automation to improve how quickly records can be ingested into the platform.

How can I be involved?

We have created a specific web page for engaging with stakeholders on this project. If you would like to contribute, we invite you to submit questions, ideas or comments here. You can also volunteer to be part of our user testing group as we progress through the build.



Informit Upgrade Project News – 8 August 2019 (Click here)

We are very excited to announce our formal partnership with Atypon, the selected vendor for the Informit Upgrade Project. Based in Silicon Valley, this global organisation has over 20 years’ experience in online publishing and website development, with 10 offices across the United States, the UK, Jordan, the Czech Republic and Greece. During this time, they have developed a deep understanding of what it takes to power a successful online publishing business. They are passionate about technology and creating tools that further the pursuit and distribution of knowledge, a key alignment with Informit’s vision for its platform and future services. 

With this formal agreement now in place, the build of new platform is underway. In the meantime we’ve started a UX Community and invite you to be involved. Anyone who has used the Informit search platform previously is encouraged to join.

Over the past few months, the Informit team has been busy keeping the current platform up to date with the latest research, adding over 20,822 resources from January to June across all Collections. We’ve also been working to address some of the pain points with the current technology, including fixing broken links and adding search hints to the home page to help users refine their search.

Things like duplicate records, promoting related content and enhanced search and filter capabilities will be resolved once the new technology platform is fully implemented.

There are exciting times ahead and we thank you for your patience as we build a tool to effectively service and share the knowledge of our Informit Community.

Informit Upgrade Project News – 22 March 2019 (Click here)

February was a very productive month with the Request for Proposals (RFP) document finalised and sent to selected Publishing Management System (PMS) providers. At this stage, we hope to decide on our preferred partner by mid-April.  Once the decision is finalised, we will move into a negotiation phase. 

We’ve also had some progress with our plans to consolidate our media products (TVNews and EduTV), with vendors briefed during a platform strategy workshop. The goal of the consolidation is to improve the delivery and search for our media solutions we provide to our customers.

The UX journey and prototype testing has been deferred to Q2. The reason for this is to use the expertise of our selected vendor’s design teams to ensure a seamless user experience for our customers and partners. We plan to combine our new provider’s expert design team with the knowledge and experience of our customers. We will update you on the dates and model for this shortly. 

The next update will be shared shortly.

Informit Upgrade Project News – 8 February 2019 (Click here)

We have kicked off 2019 with an exciting name change for the project – one that more accurately reflects the nature of the transformation that is underway. Previously Informit Refresh Project, it will now be known as Informit Upgrade Project due to the significant upgrades being made to the platform, increased functionality and several new features.

In January, we made headway on many fronts including:

  • Completing the proof of concept process; and
  • Progressing the UX provider selection process with plans to appoint a provider in the next few weeks.

The coming weeks will focus on the Request for Proposals (RFP) from vendors and UX journey and prototype development.

We would love to hear from anyone willing to participate in the Informit User Group to assist with prototype and design testing. Express your interest by clicking on the Contribute button and entering your details.

The next update will be shared in March.

Informit Upgrade Project News – 27 November 2018 (Click here)

Following on from our last update at the end of August, we are excited to advise that much has progressed.

  • In mid-October, we formally welcomed a Program Director to lead the Informit Upgrade Project.
  • The Steering Committee was formed and had a kick-off meeting.
  • We have created an Advisory Team to refine requirements.

The entire business is now mobilised to deliver a more customer centric solution.

RMIT Training is making a major investment to refresh the Informit platform and would like to invite you and your users to play an important role in ensuring its success.

We are seeking expressions of interest to participate in the Informit User Group with an initial focus on User Experience (UX) design testing and prototyping, scheduled for Q1, 2019. Our aim is to capture feedback across Informit’s entire community representing many sectors including academic, corporate, government and international.

We anticipate that we will also be conducting ad-hoc surveys throughout the project to help prioritise new features which add the most value to both you and your users.

If you would like to participate please register by clicking on the Contribute button and enter your details. We also welcome questions and comments, so if you want to know something in particular, please ask and we’ll come back to you.

The next update will be shared in February.

Informit Upgrade Project News – 28 August 2018 (Click here)

We are excited to share that the scoping phase of the Informit Refresh has been completed and we are now ready to commence the build phase of the project.

Over the past few months, we have consulted with various stakeholders and consultant groups to outline the current strengths and capability of the Informit platform, identify improvements and define the technology we need to build to strengthen our service.

We have emerged with a clear roadmap and set of requirements which, once built, will result in an immediate user experience improvement for you and your users.

Our plan is to keep you updated as we complete each key activity. We expect no interruptions to our services during the upgrade. Following is an outline of what’s to come as the build takes shape. 

Pre-Christmas Activities 

  • Assembling the project team 
  • Run two proof of concepts – Metadata extraction automation and Indexing Technology
  • Create the UX design 
  • Test and select CMS technology 
  • Appoint a service layer integration partner 
  • Start the service layer build

Post-Christmas Activities

  • Complete the service layer build and CMS 
  • Add CRM and BI tool 

Please continue to share your thoughts with us along the way, as this project is about creating a better solution for all of us. 

Summary of Lunch Forum (Click here)

Thank you to everyone who joined us at our head office in Melbourne on 16 March to discuss the requirements for the refreshed Informit platform.

We had a great workshop with lots of ideas and enthusiasm as we imagine a new Informit. Taking time out of your busy schedules to share your thoughts and ideas with us was much appreciated. As members of our Informit Community, your voice is important as we shape the future. 

Here are the headlines of our discussion:

  • The current Informit: What is considered valuable?
  • The current Informit: Pain points
  • Potential future features
  • Imagine the future

Items of value included: 

  • differentiated Australian content
  • specific subject based collections
  • multi format content
  • clearly displayed pdfs
  • search functionality.

Common pain points related to: filtering peer-reviewed content, database names, urls and duplicated content.

Suggested features included: refined search and personalisation, visual differentiation of content types, using plain language, LMS integration, and improved download functionality.

Some great ideas around the future model included: Gamification, new format types and a virtual librarian. 

We are now in conversation with various organisations as we clarify our scope and build phases. We plan to keep you informed as this progresses. 

In the meantime, some news you may find useful 

  • The plenaries from #UKSG2018 are now available. Our Informit representatives who attended advised there were a number of interesting discussions around the UK Open Access strategy.