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Informit adds value with new content

Informit is continually adding content to its collections, giving customers access to the most recent research and scholarly publications. In 2019, Informit has continued its quest to acquire more in-demand titles and broaden Informit’s content range for customers. During January to April, more than 20 new titles have been made available to subscribers, including journals, books, media, reports and conferences. 

Informit focuses on creating value for customers by providing comprehensive metadata services so content can be discoverable from multiple online locations.  Michael Tully, Informit Director is committed to providing customers with a greater breadth of content and new titles more frequently, in addition to upgrading the Informit’s technology platform. 

Mr Tully said, “The demand for content continues to grow, in particular for Australian content but we also have global content that gets added to our platform every month,”. Informit’s A+ Education Collection is a good example, which features globally relevant education research designed for teaching and research professionals. As of April, the database holds over 111,055 records with Full Text access, with 1037 records added in the last four months, signifying intensive growth in a short period of time.

Also in education, Informit is proud to hold the entire back catalogue of IELTS reports and have recently published the first one for this year, titled, “Investigating the development of ‘grammatical range and accuracy’ at different proficiency levels in the IELTS Speaking Test”

Informit has also launched an exciting new journal this year - the Australian Journal of Biography and History. An initiative of the National Centre of Biography (NCB) at the Australian National University, the journal features engaging peer-reviewed articles about biography, memoir and autobiography. The first issue was released in December 2018 and is a fantastic addition to Informit’s Literature and Culture Collection.

Informit has been investing resources in building on its already strong base of Health content. 'The Wicking Project’ and ‘The Wicking Project II” are fascinating new series in healthcare research which look at elderly patients in aged care who are living with the effects of alcohol abuse. The full series is now available in Informit’s Families and Society Collection.

Finally, Informit is pleased to offer the latest engineering reports. These include, ‘Engineering Vacancies Report 2018’ and criminal statistics like ‘Criminal misuse of the Domain Name System’ by the Australian Institute of Criminology and ‘Forecasting male and female inmate numbers: A comparison of ARIMA and ETS modelling results’ by the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research. 

Conference reports recently added include Hydrology and Water Symposium (HWRS 2018): Water and Communities, 29th Australasian Association for Engineering Education Conference 2018 (AAEE 2018) and AIAC 2018: 18th Australian International Aerospace Congress. 

Informit provides access to unique specialist content through its collection of over 100 databases. Content can be searched through any major library discovery service or by visiting directly.


Above: Australian Journal of Biography and History, Issue 1, December 2018. 

Above: ‘The Wicking Project II: The provision of skilled specialist consultancy services to people living with highly complex needs and their caregivers’, July 2016.