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Informit explores future possibilities at UKSG Conference

Informit Director, Michael Tully and RMIT Training CEO, Catherine O’Sullivan attended the 42nd annual UKSG Conference in Telford, UK, from 8-10 April 2019.

Each year, the conference attracts over 900 librarians, publishers, content providers, consultants and intermediaries from all over the world. This year’s theme focused on Open access, Plan S and how technology continues to impact libraries.

Mr Tully spoke positively about the conference agenda and presentations. “There were some great insights on the future of the library market in Australia based on what’s happening at present in the UK.”

One of the key topics was the impact Plan S is going to have on research. Despite the looming deadline of 2020, there is still a lot of unanswered questions from publishers, librarians and researchers alike. Plan S refers to taxpayer funded scientific research created in public institutions being made available in open access journals and other open repositories. 

As businesses, libraries have been challenged to rethink and reinvent services, anticipate future trends and most of all, transform to suit the needs of the modern user. Mr Tully reflected on this and its implications for Informit’s growth plans.

“Part of Informit’s future includes a move towards a platform as a service to other smaller publishers, associations and university presses. The UKSG meetings validated the need for such a service and a push for Informit towards providing more international content”.

Informit has traditionally focused on hard-to-find Australasian content but it is clear Informit’s current and future customer base would benefit from access to a wider breadth of content.

“Our growth ambitions are not restricted to the Australasian market. At UKSG, I saw how we can leverage our unique market position to help global content creators gain relevance in Australia and beyond.

Informit supports making hard-to-find content more accessible to the world and there is no reason we can’t have a more global perspective moving forward,” he said.

Attending UKSG reaffirmed confidence in Informit’s new direction, which is supported by the major investment from the University into the Informit platform and overall business.

The Informit platform upgrade scheduled for early 2020 will ensure Informit is well placed to meet the future needs of customers and the industry.

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