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REW invites students to enjoy new Student Lounge

The new REW Melbourne Student Lounge located on level 9 of Building 108.

RMIT English Worldwide (REW) Melbourne has opened its revamped Student Lounge.

The new lounge features couches and arm chairs, bean bags, café tables and chairs, board games, books and images of Australian landmarks for students to enjoy.

A competition was held with English language students to create a sign for the new Student Lounge. 

Jiaxin Liu was judged the winner for her creative hand-drawn artwork featuring images of Australian flora and fauna.

"I love drawing, I draw every day,” she said. "I wanted to design a sign that was about Melbourne and Australia.

"It is very important to respect the culture and environment of where you are.”

Ms Liu graduated from REW Melbourne at the end of May 2016 and will soon commence a Masters in Animation at RMIT University.

Ms Liu spelt out the letters in ‘Student Lounge’, using the final image of a kangaroo wearing a graduation hat to symbolise the knowledge gained at REW.  

“The first kangaroo represents being unsure when you first arrive. By the time you complete your studies at REW you know the answer,” Ms Liu said.

"The cat stands for ‘curious’—it is good to be curious and ask questions. Don't be afraid to ask your teacher, friends or other students, that is how you will learn.”

The Student Lounge was designed by RMIT Training’s Chief Executive Officer, Rachel Holthouse, who wanted to create a comfortable and relaxing space for students where they can take time out and learn more about Australia and life in Melbourne.

"It is so important that our students have a warm and welcoming space where they can rest and spend time with friends during their busy study day," she said. 

“Learning a language and being in a new culture for the first time is tiring and we designed the lounge to encourage our students to feel at home at REW."

The first, second and third place winners of the competition received a prize for their contributions, with the CEO congratulating Ms Liu on her winning design, which is now mounted at the entrance to the lounge to welcome students into the new space. 

The lounge is located on level 9 of RMIT English Worldwide Melbourne, at RMIT Building 108 in Bourke St, Melbourne.

The CEO of RMIT Training, Rachel Holthouse, congratulating competition winner Jiaxin Liu.