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RMIT partners with SLTC in Sri Lanka to deliver the Foundation Studies program

RMIT Training and RMIT Vietnam have successfully collaborated to allow students associated with RMIT Vietnam’s long standing partner, Sri Lanka Technological Campus (SLTC) to complete the Foundation Studies Science stream in Colombo, Sri Lanka. 

Students at SLTC will commence their Foundation Studies program in September this year.

SLTC is a well-established institute specialising in the areas of electronics, telecommunications and computing. It offers four-year Bachelor degrees in Engineering and Technology, and is the first of its kind—non-state, corporate-powered, research-based residential campus with state of the art facilities.

RMIT University has an existing relationship which extends to credit articulation from the SLTC Bachelor of Engineering in to various Bachelors of Engineering in Melbourne and Vietnam.

This will enable students to articulate into either RMIT Vietnam or RMIT Melbourne for further study. 

RMIT Training, Chief Executive Officer, Rachel Holthouse commented on the new agreement. 

“For many students in Sri Lanka, this will be welcome news as it provides a cost effective way to help them realise their dream of studying at an Australian University,” she said. 

“Given that Foundation Studies students are generally under 18, it allows families to stay together while students are younger while still providing them with all the advantages that the Foundation Studies program offers.”

President of RMIT Vietnam, Professor Gael McDonald commented on the value of mobility at RMIT. 

“We believe this partnership provides a unique opportunity for students in Sri Lanka to continue their studies internationally and not just in Australia, but also creating eligibility at other RMIT locations in Vietnam and Singapore,” she said. 

“Mobility plays a key part of the value proposition that RMIT offers and flexibility in locations is one of the real benefits in choosing a program at RMIT.”

The RMIT Foundation Studies program takes students directly into university higher education degree programs and ensures students are ready for university life and study. The program is one year full-time and comprises of 8 subjects. 

Students at SLTC will be studying the Foundation Studies Science stream which focuses on preparing them to enter related Bachelor programs including Information Technology and a full range of Engineering fields, such as electrical, aerospace, automotive, chemical and biomedical.

This is an exciting development for RMIT—working in an important and growing market and reflecting our values to prepare students for life and work. 

SLTC has research, teaching and student exchange partnerships with international institutions such as Lancaster University, Trinity College Dublin and Texas Tech University.

They are a fully owned subsidiary of Sri Lanka Telecom, the telecommunications service provider and one of the country's largest companies.

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