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Student Ambassador

Enhance your skills, make new friends, build great networks and gain official recognition through this LEAD accredited program.

As a Student Ambassador you may be required to:

  • Greet visitors/new students at orientation or enrolment days
  • Attend RMIT campus tours with new students
  • Assist with organising on-campus events and activities
  • Accompany the Student Experience team on trips and excursions
  • Endeavour to recruit additional student ambassadors
  • Promote Pathway club events and services to RMIT Training students
  • Suggest ideas for exciting Pathway student events
  • Provide guidance to new students through the 1st 30 Days program 

Desirable skills and experience:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Communication
  • Cross-cultural understanding
  • Self-Presentation
  • Leadership
  • Marketing a product
  • Project management/organisational skills
  • Public speaking
  • Groups & team participation

In order to apply for this role you must:

  • Have been an RMIT Training Pathways student (REW or Foundation Studies) for at least 4 months  
  • Possess upper intermediate English or above
  • Have a good knowledge of student life in RMIT/Melbourne
  • Be prepared to obtain a verbal or written reference from your REW or Foundation Studies educator detailing why you would be a good ambassador for RMIT Training
  • Be available to attend 5 hours of training and then commit to volunteering an additional 15 hours during 2018 

Benefits to Ambassadors

  • Student Ambassadors will be taking part in an RMIT LEAD (Learn, Engage, Aspire, Develop) program. 
  • Students who complete the LEAD program will:
  • Receive a certificate signed by RMIT’s Vice-Chancellor 
  • Have their accreditation listed on their academic transcript
  • Increase their chances of gaining employment
  • Receive a letter of reference from RMIT Training

During the Ambassador program, students will:

  • Get leadership training
  • Help their peers to settle into Melbourne 
  • Get free access to certain events
  • Gain confidence and increase social networks
  • Become creative, skilled, and more connected to the RMIT community

Email your interest to ​