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Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors and Peer Mentoring

RMIT Training Student Ambassadors

What is a Student Ambassador?

RMIT Training Student Ambassadors is a peer support program offering current, and recently graduated students the chance to gain teamwork transferable skills, represent the student body, assist with event coordination, leadership among the student cohort, and peer mentoring to fellow students. 

As an RMIT Training Student Ambassador, you get to share your experience as an international student at RMIT Training with other current students, recently graduated students and prospective students from Foundation Studies and Academic English

Student Ambassadors

What can your RMIT Training Student Ambassadors help you with?

The benefits of having access to RMIT Training Student Ambassadors include:

  • Peers you can reach out to for support for being an international student in Melbourne, Australia
  • Someone to attend RMIT Training events with, like the RMIT Training Art Exhibition 
  • Fellow students who can give advice from the same student prospective

Why and how do I become a Student Ambassador?

Becoming a Student Ambassador is a great co-curricular activity while being your chance to develop new friendships, challenge yourself, and show future employers you have transferable skills for the workplace. 

The RMIT Training Student Ambassador program is a voluntary position for current RMIT Training students. References are available for students who complete the program and support their fellow peer students.

Applications will reopen in 2021, you can register your interest in advance with However, there are other programs you may be interested in via the RMIT Volunteer Programs webpage

Our RMIT Training Student Ambassadors

RMIT Training Student Ambassador - Oishee

Hi, my name is Oishee and I’m from Bangladesh. 

RMIT Training Student Ambassador – Sarwat

Hi! I’m Sarwat Faiza from Bangladesh.

RMIT Training Student Ambassador – Marie

Hi, my name is Marie Jossette, and I’m from Peru. 

RMIT Training Student Ambassador – Roshiya

Hi, my name is Roshiya John. 

RMIT Training Student Ambassador – Shiwangi

Hello, I’m Shiwangi Pradhananga. I come from Kathmandu, Nepal.

RMIT Training Student Ambassador – Osama

Hi everyone, my name is Osama from Saudi Arabia. 

RMIT Training Student Ambassador – Pahal

Hello, my name is Pahal Balar and I am from India. 

RMIT Training Student Ambassador – Keat

Hey there! I'm Keat from Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

RMIT Training Student Ambassador – Xin

My name is Xin Mei Lau and I’m from Malaysia. 

RMIT Training Student Ambassador – Daisie

Hi, my name is Daisie from Vietnam.  

RMIT Training Student Ambassador – Jesselyn

Hey, I'm Jesselyn from Indonesia.

RMIT Training Student Ambassador – Adam

Hey, I'm Adam from Indonesia.

RMIT Training Student Ambassador – Chyntia

Hi, my name is Chyntia from Indonesia.  

RMIT Training Student Ambassador – Clara

Hey, I'm Clara from Indonesia.


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