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Student Peer and Study Mentors

Student Peer Mentoring

RMIT Training Student Mentors

What is a Student Mentor?

RMIT Training has a strong peer and study buddy mentoring program. Mentoring is about more experienced students helping and supporting other students. It is a process to help students connect with other students and share their experience, knowledge, and stories. 

Our RMIT Training Mentors are current Foundation Studies students who offer study buddy mentoring and current students from RMIT University who offer peer mentoring. 

RMIT Training mentoring takes place through the digital platform Vygo.

 RMIT Student Peer Mentors

What can your RMIT Training Student Mentors help you with?

The benefits of having access to RMIT Training Student Mentors include:

  • Learn more about what it's like to be a student at RMIT University and Foundation Studies
  • Help you with study tips and subject questions 
  • Revision tips and tricks 
  • Time management, planning and goal setting 
  • Practicing class presentations 
  • Sharing their life and study experiences

Types of RMIT Training Mentoring

Peer Mentoring - with RMIT University students

Trained student mentors from RMIT University who can help in subject areas such as engineering, business, and IT. They can also answer questions about life at uni and what to expect as a uni student. We have some mentors who are former RMIT Training students who now study at the main campus and some local students from Melbourne. 

Study Buddy Mentoring Program - with Foundation Studies students

We have a new mentoring program called Study Buddy. Foundation Studies second-semester students are available to mentor students in their subject streams and areas. To meet a mentor from your subject, jump on Vygo and join the Foundation Studies and RMIT English Worldwide mentoring program, and then click on Study Buddies to meet a mentor. RMIT English Worldwide students who are planning to study at Foundation are also welcome to join the program. 

Vygo the digital mentoring platform

Vygo is a student peer mentor platform that helps connect RMIT English Worldwide and Foundation Studies students with other RMIT Training and University student mentors. You can connect with them via a browser or conveniently through the Vygo app. This means you can connect with a mentor online from home safely and easily from the comfort of your study desk or couch. 

You can connect to mentors in three ways: 

  • via chat 
  • book a video chat 
  • join a group session 

You can join Vygo for the desktop version or, download the app from the App Store or PlayStore. It takes less than five minutes to join and get started with your Student ID. 

Not in Australia? You can still join, just check your VPN. 

How do I become an RMIT Training Student Mentor or be mentored?

Anyone can join! Students from RMIT English Worldwide and Foundation Studies are welcome to join the mentoring programs to talk to mentors. To find a mentor, join the Foundation & RMIT English Worldwide Mentoring program on Vygo (see descriptions & instructions below). 

To become a mentor, email us at to find out about the program.