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Virtual campus tour

Virtual campus tour

Want to visit the RMIT Training campus? We've put together a virtual campus tour so you can see all the places you will be studying before you arrive. Please use < Scene > arrows above to navigate.

Please use < Scene > arrows above to navigate.

RMIT Building Tour - Building

Building - Scene 1 of 7

RMIT Building Tour - Computer classroom

Computer Lab - Scene 2 of 7

RMIT Building Tour - Art Classroom

Art Classroom - Scene 3 of 7


RMIT Building Tour - Study Area

Study Support  - Scene 4 of 7

RMIT Building Tour - Courtyard

Courtyard  - Scene 5 of 7

Student Lounge  - Scene 6 of 7


RMIT Building Tour - Student Cafe

Student Cafe - Scene 7 of 7

What is RMIT Training's address?

RMIT Training is located at 235-251 Bourke Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000 Australia

What courses and tests does RMIT Training offer?

If you would like to discuss your study options please contact us.