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What device will I need

What device will I need?

  • Windows laptop, Surface laptop, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iPad Pro or iPad.  
  • iPhones, Android Phones and Android Tablets can be used to access online content, but NOT for assessments or assignments.  
  • Chromebooks and eReaders are NOT supported.
  • The battery needs to last for at least 4 hours.

Your device must be running one of these operating systems or better:

  • Windows: 10 (1703), 8.1
  • Mac: MacOS 10.14 to 10.12

If your laptop does not run the operating systems listed (or better) you may not be able to install all the software you need? Please visit IT on level 3 for more information and options.

Need a new laptop?

Students may be eligible for educational discounts offered by hardware and software vendors, such as Apple, HP, Dell or Lenovo. Please visit the vendors website, or contact the vendor, to take advantage of these deals.

You can access software for free through :

You can download and install some software for free. See here for how to do this:

You are eligible to purchase some software at a discount through RMIT University:

If you need to access a computer and have left yours at home you can access computers with in RMIT University. See here for details: